JANAKA | Australian Advertising Photographer



I’m Janaka, a Melbourne, Sydney and Gold Coast advertising photographer specialising in fashion photography, advertising photography and underwater photography.  I am available for bookings in Australia and internationally and can be contacted directly on mobile 0431 542 312 or email hello[at]janaka.com.au

 I am passionately absorbed with pushing my boundaries and skills as a photographer every single day. I love to photograph, I’m in my element with a camera in my hand whether its deep below the surface of the ocean or flying high above the mountains with a drone. I want to capture a sliver of the human experience visually. To record what it’s like to be there in that one tiny moment of existence. To have a record of the sight, sound, smell, feel, and emotional response of that impossibly short, fleeting moment when everything is absolute… when time stops for that 1/100th of a second. I have been taking photos for close to fifteen years now – it’s a great job and a wonderful lifestyle. So far it is the best work I have come across for my personality, unless I figure out a way to get paid to drink whiskey and eat sushi all day long….!